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As I asked in my past post: Where do we fit in?

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Life works in wonderful and beautifully amazing ways. Take time to observe nature and you will see that every single living organism has a role, and that role affects every other organism along the food chain. Everything is co-dependent on each other creating a stable, and sustainable eco-systems that grow, evolve, and change over time.

Take a look on the plains in Africa. Lions hunt Gazelle. This has been occurring for thousands of years. It is a sustainable system of hunter vs prey. Every small and seemingly insignificant insect and bacteria also play a crucial role in this system as well. These systems of life have been fine tuned over countless years, and rely on each other for total harmonious survival.

Observe trees. They are perfect examples of a life form that has grown a certain way that will ensure it can survive. The leaves prevent sunshine and rain from drying or destroying the soil where the roots lay, and the branches are designed in a way that ensures it can bend with the wind without breaking. Trees are in fact examples of a life form that has grown simply to survive perfectly. Every part of it plays a hugely important role for its long life.

Let’s cut em all down.

In the ocean, arguably the most dangerous and difficult place for life to survive, organisms have all depended on one another, and although it is a continuous battle field of hunter vs prey, it is sustainable, and has been that way for millions of years.

Sustainable eco-systems are extremely delicate, and have been fine tuned for millions of years. Everything relies on everything to live and adapt.

Do you see how amazing and wonderful this is? Life has sustained itself for so long that evolution has taken place!! The time frames involved are so vast and large, that us as humans rarely appreciate it.

Humans. Where do our clumsy, wasteful, un-harmonious beings really fit into this beautiful system?

Are we really from here? Sounds crazy, and I know, most of you who were raised (brainwashed) by our school systems, and television will probably scoff at me now, and that is fine, because I scoff at your types every day. It’s only fair that you return the favour.  How is it that everything on earth lives so perfectly together except us? We don’t fit in whatsoever. We destroy. Man has been responsible for the extinction of many species, and has driven countless close to it. Life on this planet has grown dependant on one another for survival, but it seems as though we are only getting the good end of the deal (survival, and trying to keep the sick alive), which is bad for everything else. It is so completely unnatural based on the simple fact that we just consume, and continuously grow in numbers.

And it’s true right? What good have we done for any other living organism, besides saving the ones from further human damage (oil spills, over-hunting etc)? We have drugs used to fight off bacteria, chemicals that clever marketers have led us to believe we need to use to “battle germs”, when in fact all it does is take something completely natural, and turn it into a chemical that is harmful for any living thing, including us: The same pills and chemicals that have made us even more susceptible to sickness than ever before.

I am asking myself this everyday as I observe nature and our place in it: Where do we fit in, in this beautiful harmony? If we are from here, then shit, we are the only living creature that is really fucking up the system.

Until next time,

Why do we always look up to the sky?




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Humanities largest threat is man himself. I’m sitting here pondering the ongoing question in my mind “Can we save ourselves from ourselves, or are we, like the worm who enters the apple, inevitably going to eat this thing to the core.

I’m not a pessimistic individual, nor an optimistic one. I lie somewhere suspended in a grey medium.  Michelangelo considered the human body to be a beautiful efficient machine of near perfection. Very true, and along with our mind, we are the most dangerous living creatures on this planet.

I will often sit and observe various forms of life, and while doing so, ponder how every living organism works so well together in seemingly perfect harmony, thus sustaining life to the point of evolution and adaptation as the world changes. Life has maintained itself on earth for MILLIONS of years! Amazing right? To me it is beyond amazing, it fucking beautiful. And then throw us into the mix, and I ask you: “Where the hell do we fit in?” Because we don’t seem to at all you see.

Clever but clueless could be our title. It would fit.

What made us like this? In the balance that makes up every single ecosystem on this planet, we can’t seem to make it work. not for long anyways. We are over-populating, over-fishing, over foresting, over eating, and in the midst of it all, UNDER-THINKING. “Who cares about future generations? We want lots of money and all that fancy shit celebrities have. Go consumerism!”

I watched The End of the Line, a documentary about the state of our oceans (pre-BP disaster), and the effects of over-fishing. Now it’s no big news that with the oceans, being both our buffet and toilet, that much of the life within it is in threat of being a distant memory, but I was shocked with a few of the facts presented to me: 99.3 percent of the ocean is fishable and unprotected, nearly 50% of the world’s fish is illegally caught and sold, and  over 50% of all blue-fin tuna is bought and controlled by Mitsubishi. Maybe you knew, maybe not, and perhaps you don’t care. Anyways, there are not enough regulations {worldwide, esp Asia} to have sustainability in our oceans. The effects are devastating.

Mitsubishi's other assets

Over fishing has always been an issue though. Remember when eastern Canada had supposedly “endless” cod?  That is what lured Europeans here in the first place: Fish. Well the cod are now a thing of the past. The end.

When the population grows, so does our need for food. Things we eat (practically anything and everything) are always in danger.

The BP oil spill: Yes, this is what I really want to vent about. All I keep reading about is “Investors capital, loss of stock value, and who is blaming who. Is this all we give a shit about? Money? Blame? Of course it is! Money is what drives us to be so crazy. Poor billionaires are gonna lose some money. Shit, if only they had something else to live for than collecting paper. OK ok ok, I’m not that ignorant, but would it kill anybody to cover more on the life that is being harmed by all of this, and less about stocks? I know of one crew that is! Check out their journey HERE.

I’m sorry for the rash and harsh words, I know that there is so much beauty in mankind, for I have seen it on my travels. There is so much good in this world, so much love and peace, and perhaps that is why it hurts me so much to see nearly 100 000 barrels of oil pouring into the gulf EACH DAY. Do we deserve this? Yes, I think we do. I say we, because unless you live in a forest and dance with the wolves for a living (good movie), I hate to say it, but you too contribute to the drilling of oil. The rest of the life on the planet however, took no part in it, and simply is trying to live for life’s sake. To survive.

Can we save ourselves? I doubt it, and quite frankly we shouldn’t even think about us anymore. Thinking about us is what caused this mess!

We can’t change our habits, until we change the way we see the world and each other. Use less, and care more my friends.

Until next time,

Too bad the wildlife isn’t suing for all of their suffering. BP would really be screwed then.

Kevin Mattice (Slevin Nevele)


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Things we don’t need.



Shaping the way you view the world.

And other people.



Being held



Break free

Turn off your TV

Your world is waiting.

*photo titled “TV Kills Everything” by j3concepts

Take Me to Your Leader

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A leader must be strong, have a great sense of judgement, and never buckle under pressure, no matter how much is being applied. Every winning team has had a great leader. The Bulls had Jordan, The Enterprise had James T. Kirk , and all of the rich whores of our beautiful world have the lovely Paris Hilton. Strong leadership is essential for any team that is hoping to achieve any kind of success.

That said, it is obvious that Leonardo is hands down, the most dominant of the 4 Ninja Turtles.

Let’s start with Michelangelo. Granted this turtle would be the best of them all to party with, he is hardly a match for the blue bandana wearing Leo. The dude looks like he just blazed a spliff and is ready to eat pizza for the rest of the evening. No chance whatsoever in beating Leo!

Then there is Raphael. The bad-ass of them all, tough guy, vigilante outlaw, rebel,  whatever it is that you like to call him, I see him as emotionally out of control. Raphael almost caused his own death in Ninja Turtles 1, not to mention those of his teammates and master by losing his temper like a little baby who is told no. He abandoned his team (and brothers), and was later captured by the foot clan. This one is far too reckless and angry to beat the cool headed Leo. No chance!

Finally comes the brains of the operation, the inventor, and the turtle in purple: Donatello. The dude has a tree branch for a weapon. No chance!

Leonardo is the turtle with leadership skills, quick and smart judgment, he is in touch and in control of his emotions, and the one with 2 razor sharp blades placed easy to reach on the back of his shell.

What is the point of this lil rant? Well, to present to you (in a fun way) the importance of leadership on a team. People need leaders for a multitude of reasons, and in my opinion the most important reason is to keep everyone following the same goal, or vision. Without {good} leadership, what happens to a team? Loss of vision, laziness, change of direction, conflict without proper resolution. The overall answer can be summed up as: The team stops functioning like a team, and more like a group of individuals who simply are not as productive on their own.

Remember Captain Planet? When all of the Planeteers combined their powers, Captain Planet would arrive, and they subsequently kicked ass as a unit. Think about that now: It is an excellent metaphor for the power of teamwork. As individuals, they would have a far less chance of success.

Synergy baby!

A good leader, also needs a good team, but by leading well, your team will not let you down. And if they do slice them with your ninja swords! (Metaphorically of course: Firing them is a more widely used method).

Until next time,

Lead by example and passion. Know your team.

Kevin Mattice

Average: Who Dwells Here?

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Question: What is the average age in the room which is filled with 50 twenty year olds, and 50 thirty year olds?

Answer: 25


Question: How many people are of the average age in that room?

Answer: Not a single person.

What is “being normal”? Is it simply to be average? Who is normal?

As you can see from the example above, it is very possible that nobody here is normal, yet there seems to be a need to fit somewhere in the middle of it all.

Life your life  according to you, not them.

Until next time,

Who said being left of center was a bad thing?

Kevin Mattice

Destroy Angels

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How to Destroy Angels

Wow. Just when I thought Trent Reznor couldn’t possibly pull anymore out from his tickle trunk of music brilliance, he has done it again with “How to Destroy Angels”. The debut EP is to be released today, and is also available for free download on their website here

The 3 piece band consisting of Mariqueen Maandig,  Atticus Ross, and Trent Reznor delivers 6 industrial driven, dark, synth,  heavy feel tunes, that when combined with Maandigs’s soft and sexy vocals, and Ross’ and Reznor’s chemistry, is a very special treat for anyone who has enjoyed Trent Reznor’s genre setting empire known as Nine Inch Nails. The layers in each song are very unique, giving the album a dynamic sound range, yet holds true to its core genre. HTDA’s debut  ranges from dark, heavy-synth industrial tracks, to more guitar and bass -almost-funky- sounding songs (listen to the track “Fur-Lined”) Thank you Atticus Ross!

Trent’s influence is definitely felt in HTDA’s debut piece, as well as in his beautiful wife’s singing….especially in the track “A Drowning” which gives me goosebumps it’s so dark,  its sexy. Heavy feel music this is indeed. I like.

The debut video “The Space Between” was released a couple of weeks ago, along with a video that is so hot, dark and on fire (literally), it has already become a top played song on my stereo over the past 24 hours. Please watch it.

Check out the video here

Not only is music great, the artwork, directed by Rob Sheridan (Sheridan has worked on the latest NIN’s records) is brilliant.

The EP is out now, and available on CD and MP3, with the vinyl coming soon!

Let’s hope a tour is in the works, because to see a group like this come through my home of Vancouver means one thing: The Commodore Ballroom baby!

Until next time,

Do hardcore music fans ever listen to the radio?

Kevin Mattice

The Gruesome Twosome: Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper

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I love the horror.

I adore live music.

Zombies rule.

John 5 is my hero.

I had to be at this show. Not only because I have mad respect for the man (Alice Cooper) who brought controversial theatrics and death into live music, which is no small feat considering he started doing this when the rave was, peace, love, and trippin balls on acid, but more so because I needed to get my ass to a live show that wasn’t over run by hipsters. I’ve been to too many shows lately where people are too concerned with messing up their hair or dropping some vintage accessory onto the floor to dance. Maybe their jeans are just too tight?

Whoa epiphany!

Really though, I don’t give a fuck what you wear, just have fun.

I was given 2 tickets by my lovely sister for my birthday, general admission, so there was no doubt that I was going to be front row centre at this one. Which also meant endless elbows and knees being jabbed into my flesh in hopes to make me move, but I never move so try as you might, I’m like Bruce Lee when it comes to general admission: Bend like a tree in the wind, but never yield when opposing forces come your way…..Even if those forces are 15 year old girls trying to see over my head. Did I mention I can be an asshole sometimes?

I was one of the first people on the floor and took my place front row and centre of the stage. It didn’t take too long for the place to start filling up, and before long I knew that the only moving I would be doing would be completely controlled by the sea of people on the floor.

Alice Cooper’s live set had more theatrics than a WWE wrestling match, the only difference being his show consisted of himself dying multiple times by execution on stage: Hanging, Lethal Injection, and the famous Guillotine of course. Much better compared to the Speedo wearing crotch sniffers in wrestling.

Alice left the stage after each execution, and during this time his band rocked the shit out of the Pacific Coliseum, keeping everyone’s fist pumping and ears bleeding.

It was a ripper of a set, and only made me wish that I could have seen one of his early shows when he actually was a hardcore menacing alcoholic. He was still hardcore though for an old guy, it was just hard to believe everything, considering the man gave up his self destructive lifestyle a while back and found god or whatever. I hate to say anything negative about the guy, but why did he have to bring out an empty bottle of JD and pretend to drink from it? I guess for the same reason that he “staged” his death so many times: This was a show, and not all shows are real. Still all my respect goes out to him, coolest old dude on the planet, and hats off to his live band was a perfect 10 in all departments.

As the lights went out for Zombie, the place went berserk, and chants of “Zombie” nearly crumbled down the roof. Rob came onto the stage sauntering in the dark with a weird deformed claw for an arm, moving back and forth, up and down on every inch of the stage. He set the initial mood very well, and when the lights turned on and “Living Dead Girl started blasting our ears off, EVERYONE went nuts. Elbows hit my back, my elbows flew back. That is rock baby, deal with it or buy seated tickets.

Zombie’s set had about 9 screens ranging from very large to small all around the stage from front to back, which showed changing images of horror for each song, or bikini clad murderous women on mars AKA “Angry Red Women” .

Once again, as with Alice, Zombie’s band proved to be the show stealer. John 5 was flawless, which was expected of the seasoned guitar pro, as well was Joey Jordison, Zombies time keeper, who is also the drummer for the Grammy winning group “Slipknot”. Both musicians had their moments to shine when Zombie grabbed a spotlight, went onto the floor, and let his boys do some soloing. Wow, John 5, You are my hero.

The show rocked, although I did expect it to be a little more on the rated R side of things. It was the “ Gruesome Twosome Tour that didn’t get quite gruesome enough”  But hey, these guys don’t need to prove anything, they get respect for opening, and keeping the door open with horror and music. Rock on men.

Until next time,

Dare to be different, and wear less flannel.

Kevin Mattice